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APERIO Systems
Aperio provides resilience against all malicious actors aiming to cause critical physical damage in industrial and infrastructure settings such as power grids. Aperio’s software detects and defends against any type of sensor-related data forgery, as well as provide data quality insights into sensor malfunctions. Once Aperio detects a forgery, they will be able to recover the ground truth and restore state awareness to the operators.
BeOn Energy
Develops microinverters and DIY Solar Kits specifically designed to plug solar systems to wall sockets, producing economic energy for self-consumption.
A home energy management system that gives users the ability to easily change the temperature of their homes and hot water through a smart app. By harnessing this consumer demand for energy, the climote Energy Optimization Technology (EOT) and software will cleverly link it to intermittent renewable supply enabling the flow of low cost energy to consumers.
DataGlen has developed DERitos, an open and modular operating system, for managing Distributed Energy Resources (DER) such as solar plants, solar+storage, etc. While their platform enables a wide variety of DER applications (such as distributed generation, battery management), it does so while ensuring the safety of electric grids, consumer equipment and consumer comfort.
A Swiss technology startup that provides solutions enabling traditional low-voltage electricity networks to cope with the new constraints of decentralised production from renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic systems and wind turbines, as well as emerging storage technologies.
Driivz is an innovative end to end EV (Electrical Vehicles) charging software platform, that serve as the operating systems for the world’s major EV charging network providers. The platform provides best in class operations management, grid management, user management, automatic intelligent troubleshooting, as well as advanced billing capabilities. Driivz enables EV charging service providers to efficiently and easily operate, manage and develop their business in a world of disruption and change.
EthosGen’s energy system provides sustainable, resilient and scalable generation of electricity and cooling by converting waste heat from industry, manufacturing processes, geothermal and biomass from as low as 100⁰C to 700⁰C.
Greencom Networks
A Software-as-a-Service Company, offering end-to-end energy IoT solutions for the utility industry and energy service companies (ESCOs). Their software enables management of energy demand, supply and storage capacity within Virtual Power Plants for the evolving energy markets.
HST Solar
A solar software startup that reduces the overall cost of solar energy production by using an integrated approach that allows for computational processes to design solar systems without manual labour.
A software startup that monitors real time conditions on electricity grids and notifies users when ‘dirty’ or unclean energy is being used. This system incentivises end users to limit energy consumption during these given times in order to limit use of unclean energy and in return allows for consumers to receive monetary compensation at the end of the year.
Simple Energy
Simple Energy is the #1 provider of utility-branded ecommerce marketplaces. Simple Energy works with utilities to increase customer satisfaction, achieve energy efficiency and demand response targets, and establish new business models for the utility of the future.
Tempus Energy
A machine learning software that forecasts the closing electricity market price before market closure. The software processes data in real time and combines market forecasting with the ability to predict electricity usage and understand how flexible assets perform in different conditions in order to minimise electricity cost and maximise use of renewable generation.